Doctor/Sherlock parallels | I don’t like not knowing.

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Wholock - Only Sherlock Holmes would help to stop an alien invasion while wearing a sheet.

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SuperWhoLock gifset request for Marziewho.

"Sherlock & John in danger"

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Superlock - Sherlock wants to summon a demon for an experiment, but not everybody is so enthusiastic…

(Based on this ask)

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What’s the point in them being happy now if you know they’re going to be sad later? The answer is, of course, because they are going to be sad later.

for doctor-cumber-bitch

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Welcome to the SuperWhoLock Hiatus 2k14

enjoy your summer

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Wholock 3 |  part 1: [x] | part 2: [x]

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The Doctor warns Sherlock and John of the weeping angels.

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AU: After Dean escapes Purgatory, Castiel is left completely and utterly alone… that is until the Doctor, the hopeless romantic that he is, finds him and offers to take him to Dean.

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